Satisfying a thirst

Pompette healthier alternative to traditional wines and beers, made with natural ingredients to create a clean, refreshing and crisp flavor.

Our Story

Pompette was born on a beautiful day at a beach club on the Mediterranean coast.

Founder Jeremy Smith was simply looking to quench his thirst. He was searching for something cold and refreshing and that’s when he developed the idea for a refreshingly-flavored alcoholic sparkling water. He knew a premium, large-format hard sparkling water would have been the ideal drink that could stay cool in an ice bucket all day. When he got home, he got to work – handpicking high-quality ingredients and flavors. Today, Pompette is perfect to share with friends on a hot beach day, or at an upscale dinner party. Let’s Pompette!


How It's Made

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A high-quality, cold-brewed sugar alcohol base is mixed with our proprietary blend of natural flavors, essences, and colors.
Pompette takes form when it's carbonated, bottled, sealed, and pasteurized for shelf stability.
The result is a carbonated beverage served in a tall, refined bottle to preserve the integrity of this premium drink.
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